About us

Kanabiotech is a Lithuanian-Polish company specializing in growing and processing hemp since 2013.

Our story.

We started this company with a clear idea in our minds – to introduce as many people to cannabis and cannabinoids as possible. We wanted cannabis wellness products to become available for every household while maintaining the highest possible quality. For these past years, we have lived with a passion for cannabis and cannabinoids burning brighter every day, and our journey to healthier living has not even reached its highest peak yet.

Our mission.

is to supply other companies, our production partners, and individual people with safe and affordable highest quality cannabinoid solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplemental, and cosmetic use.

We have few different goals that complement each other.
• We seek to increase the quality of our products and services, while at the same time, we aim to reduce production costs and speed up specific processes.
• As we want our products to find their place in every household, we are ready to increase their availability and ensure accessibility to everyone looking for healthy natural solutions.
• We understand that products will not come to customers by themselves, so we pay special attention to various educational activities and introduce more and more people every day to the benefits of the cannabis plant and its chemical compounds.
All our goals lead to a specific target – cleaner and brighter future for everyone. We imagine tomorrow’s world as a better place than it is today, – with less pollution, sicknesses, and sadness. By working together, we could achieve this dream of reconnecting with the nature and unlocking all its secrets. We believe that one day, we would end stigmatization, and cannabinoids would become the symbol of different, more inclusive, and healthier reality.
As we understand the potential of the cannabis plant, our operation varies from growing to secondary production to final extraction and application of cannabinoids. Each year we invest a part of our profit back to cannabinoids research and development and look for new ways of extraction and purification to ensure consistent quality growth. Because we see education as one of the most significant factors influencing everyone’s tomorrow, we are constantly working with individuals and teams from various business and life sectors to change their perception of cannabis for the better.

Leave us a message!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, stories to share, project ideas or suggestions on how to work together and introduce cannabinoids to more people every day!
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Introducing cannabinoid solutions since 2013.
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